Home and Healthy

Sober Living PDX & Cascade Sober Living provide higher quality recovery assistance housing to individuals who are looking for safe and well-managed homes. Our residency program is geared toward providing a living environment that offers peer-to-peer support systems so people can have a home that promotes their long-term recovery efforts.

Our homes are located in ideal and welcoming neighborhoods scattered throughout Oregon as we are also currently expanding into the Washington area. Every residence is overseen by a live-in House Manager that communicates directly to our Director of Housing to ensure that recovery assistance programs and rules are abided by during our resident’s stay.

Here at Sober Living PDX & Cascade Sober Living, our residents value their recovery assistance experience by having a comfortable home that will allow them to have a successful transition into living independently in the community.

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Our Mission Statement

We provide quality, comfortable housing for those seeking a clean & sober, healthy, program-centric environment that promotes recovery from alcohol, drug use and associated problems.

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