Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


I worked with Sober Living PDX from the very beginning of their journey in 2015. As a professional in the field of addiction, they wanted my input on how to best support individuals in early recovery. Their primary goal was to insure the residents were maintaining abstinence and working a program of recovery in a safe, comfortable environment. Housing is often one the greatest barriers for those entering recovery and Sober Living PDX embraced the challenge. In addition to providing a structured living environment, Sober Living PDX also promotes and strengthens the resident’s social network, which is crucial and often overlooked by those managing recovery housing. I would recommend Sober Living PDX to anyone who is serious about finding recovery and happiness through fellowship and commitment.
– Vickie Gettel
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Care Coordinator
June 2011 – August 2018

I act as a consultant for Cascade Sober Living and have known the staff for years. I have been in active recovery for almost 10 years. I owe my success to my higher power, my mentors and the work I have put into and given back to the 12-step recovery program. Mentoring and being mentored has been the foundation to my success as it has been for millions of others who really embrace the 12 Step Program as it is designed, ‘it works if you work it’. I am thrilled that Sober Living PDX and Cascade Sober Living is a 12-Step Program Centric facility with expert level management, extremely comfortable homes, in well thought out locations. All homes are close to an IOP facility and or public transportation. I firmly believe, the easier logistics are in early recovery, the better chances of success. The Cascade Sober Living group has a HUGE heart and lots of positive energy for their residents in recovery. This is clear when meeting with them as it’s infectious! Lots of good recovery is happening in the Cascade Sober Living and Sober Living PDX homes. My wish is to see more of those in early recovery take advantage of living with peers, rather than trying to do it on their own and feeling like a aimless goldfish being thrown into the ocean. Isolation is a killer, ‘time takes time’ and Cascade Sober homes will help you or your loved one baby step or jump right in to a new life.
– Susan Lestock – Cascade Sober Living, Consultant

Recovery housing has been the key to my second chance at life. After struggling for over 15 years with a progressing heroin and meth addiction, as well as battling alcoholism since my late teens, I could not be happier having started my journey with Sober Living PDX and now Cascade Sober Living. After getting out of inpatient treatment for the third time the best decision I made was to take my counselors suggestion and move into recovery housing (sober living). The fellowship, accountability, and having a clean/safe place to start a new life was integral in me, God willing having 8 months on the 21st. Thanks Brandon and Steve, you guys truly saved my life!

– Ben 12/2018